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Business Marketing and Entrepeneurship

This guide is for students working through the research portion of the Business Feasibility Study assignment of BUSN 245.


Industry Analysis- Trends Related to the Product or Service (1 paragraph)

Sources likely to be found in a library for this section: Standard and Poor’s Industry Surveys, Encyclopedia of American Industries, Industry Norms and Key Business Ratios and RMA Annual Statement Studies.  
What industry is your business in? What trends are likely to occur in the way the product or service is used, or what features it offers, for example? How are the two target markets likely to change over the next 3 years? To what effect? This usually has whether the industry or problem is growing, stable, or in decline (with some measure of this).

Industry Analysis Tools

Tones of data available through Easiest way to filter for useful local industry data is by using the map icon and highlighting a box around the QC metro area for all statistics relating to the QC specifically. Can also filter by which government agency collected the data.

United States Bureau of Economic Analysis

BEARFACTS and Industry Facts are two useful resources under the "Tools" dropdown box at the top of the screen.

United States Bureau of Labor Statistics - Industries at a Glance

United States Bureau of Labor Statistics - Industry Productivity Viewer


Industry Code Lookup

United States Census Industry Code List

NAICS Code Lookup

SIC Code List

Note your "Industry Code" when using these resources to find the most relevant and helpful information. See NAICS Code and SIC Code information below for reference. Different resources have different codes even for the same industry.