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In this research guide you will discover the inner workings of language models such as ChatGPT and the history of artificial intelligence. You'll also gain insight into AI plagiarism and the methods for detecting AI generated text.

Academic Dishonesty and AI Plagiarism


Based on the rules outlined in both the Course Catalog as well as in the Black Hawk College Student Handbook, it is clear that using ChatGPT in place of your own work goes against the rules of academic integrity and honesty.

AI Plagiarism Detection

Tools to detect machine generated text are relatively new. These tools are being developed, released, and improved all the time.

Because of the limitations of these tools, using multiple detection tools on each sample will provide more accurate responses. That being said, every tool has margins of error, even the very best ones. Remember, even if one of these tools says it is "100% AI Generated" that does not necessarily mean that the text was AI generated. It just means that it has all the markings of a text that was AI generated. There is no foolproof way right now to determine with 100% certainty if a text was generated by an AI chatbot.


Detection Tools